Standard Finishes

Protech Composites manufactures flat carbon fiber sheets and panels in high-quality 2×2 twill weave in five finishes and seven standard thicknesses. All sheets are made of 100% carbon fiber – no substitutes. We also manufacture custom carbon fiber parts fit to your specs, including custom cutting, molding and machining. For custom orders click here.




High Gloss Finish

The finished side of our high-gloss carbon fiber sheets have a smooth, mirror finish. The backside has a fine, matte texture, ready to stick to your surface with 3M adhesive, glue or tape.



Satin Finish

The satin finish sheets provide a beautiful low-shine finish for those who prefer a subtler look. Like our gloss carbon fiber sheets, the backside has a matte texture, which is ideal for adhesive applications.



Semi-gloss Finish

The semi-gloss finish is perfect for thicker sheets where a smooth surface is needed. It’s also the perfect option for parts for functional parts that need to look good as well. Our standard panels have a semi-gloss finish on one side and a matte finish on the back. However, a semi-gloss finish can be provided on both sides for most thicknesses if needed.



Matte Finish

The matte finish is most common in thicker carbon fiber sheets designed for high strength structural applications. These carbon fiber panels have a textured surface on BOTH sides for easy bonding.



Two-Sided Gloss Panels

These carbon fiber sheets have a high-gloss finish on BOTH sides.